Hey guys,

This is my first time on MS and I can see what a tremendous support it is to you all. About this time last week, I started reading Abused Boys to begin discovering the effects of the sexual abuse from my older, male cousin. In the process, I realized my mother sexually abused me. It was difficult to take this in, yet freeing. Finally, there was a name, an understanding. The author described me to a "T."

I shared with a female friend and her response was one of "well, duh." She said she had wanted to say that to me years ago. I then shared with two other men and they doubted it was "abuse," but definitely "inappropriate." I was devistated. It felt like the abuse was almost happening all over again.

Some how, a few days later, I mustered the nerve to tell two of the three guys I'm in a Bible Study/Small Group with. To my surprise, they were very supportive and offered to be ears if I wanted to talk further.

Now I'm here. I'm continuing to read this book and continuing to find out more about myself. So, hi gang, I'm AsburyGuy.