This is an older book, published in 1989. The victims are women, but the perp is a non-Catholic pastor.

It was helpful to me because it helped illuminate the power inherent in a "Pastor" or "Counselor" and how that authority figure is able to build trust then pervert it. This perps victims were mainly adult women. It also showed how a larger church body could feel compelled to keep it a secret. What was so surprising here was that it was a protestant church, but their actions mirrored what the R.C. Church has done.

Ironically, this was required reading for me in 1994 when I was in seminary working on my masters in pastoral counseling. I never finished that degree! Because this book helped me to recognize my own abuse at the hands of a priest. My healing began because this book was required reading for new pastors.

ISBN# 0-06-062684-4