I was intrigued by the post on rage and it brought back some memories

My Rage Monster

Itís Quite, its still
All is calm, all is well
Tranquility, beseeching
Calmness intriguing
Sounds build, stillness stilled
Little monster smiles
Heís thrilled
He starts his walk
Slowly up my spine
Nails getting deeper
Every time he climbs
I feel his joy quickly arise
I feel my shame, I so despise
He reaches my neck
The time is nigh
He reaches my head
Run, run its time to hide
All clear out itís the monsters time
He explodes in my head
Flashes, crashes, eruptions of heat
The powers not mine Iím at his feet
In a moment heís all gone
But not the shame
Thatís mine to keep

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