I found that FOR ME, life was all about controlling the environment I was in.

I would control my wife and child through mentally, verbally and financially abusing them.

Once my wife developed some "balls" so to speak, I was no longer in control, and therefore loosing touch with "MY REALITY".

Once this progressed and I no longer listened and crossed boundaries that she had set for herself, She got the courage to ask me to leave.

FOR ME, this was the one single act, that was the key to me opening up and listening to her and myself and healing. My mind opened to the possibility that there was another way to live, A better way to live, It may not be easy but it is worth it.

Bear in mind, that if you do ask him to leave, then YOU must be prepared to live with that decision, Good or bad you need to follow through. If you do not, you will be sucked back into the abyss of his world, and he will again "control" the environment around him. Back in his comfort zone.

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