My sexual abuse started inocently enough. Once exams ended when I was in grade 8, (I had just turned 14), we were taken to a swimming afternoon at one of the orphanages operated by the church.

I can't swim and had almost drowned a couple of years previous. One of the so-called Christain Brothers said that he noticed how nervous I was even when I was in the pools shallow end. He then offered to "give me some swimming lessons to help me be more comfortable around water." He actually turned me against swimming. I havent been in a swimming pool since unless it was required for training to stay current in my job at sea. He then had me get on my back but I was afraid. I then went back towards the shallow end and he put one hand under my shoulder and the other over my genitals to keep me "safe." The first time he rubber me, he appologized to me and said it was the lop from the pool. After a while, he kept it up until he got me hard. He then kept bringing me to the edge and then stopping until I went soft and would start again to do he same thing over and over. I have since often wondered if he had been told by my somebody in the family about my near drowning.

After he finished his "lesson", we went to the shower room to shower and I started to get really nervous of the way he was looking at me. I then got back in my swim trunks and went to get changed. When I took off my trunks, all of a sudden I felt his breath on my neck and his hard on it the crack of my ass. I think he was waiting for this time to get at me. He kept fondling me and simulated sex by rubbing his penis up and down my backside. He told me that one favour deserved another When I came before he did, he made me kneel on the floor with him and then masturbated himself until he came all over me. No matter what I did I couldn't get clean enough for weeks if not months. (Chapter 2 to follow MAYBE)

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I will mourn the teenager I never was and strive to make that dot of light way out in the far reaches of the end of the tunnel turn into a bright sun.