I started my recovey one year ago. I started it not knowing all the up and downs that would come from it. I opened a lot of door this past year, like all the anger, pain, that was kepted down deep in my sole for many years. With this it carried much shame, blame, quilt, that made it hard on all my relationship. Work, personal caused me more pain. I started to talk with my mom after 30 years of not talking with her, this brought up more pain that I did not know was their, from our past. I have forgiven her fully and we now talk to each other, we have the mother son relationship I all ways wanted, we still have to work at it. With my recovery it has made it hard on the one who love me the most they had to deal with my anger, moods, I take it out on them the most. How do you fix this. I also have many other issues from my MS.