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#368566 - 08/21/11 07:27 AM wont leave me alone
illbedat Offline

Registered: 01/12/11
Posts: 80
Loc: David Wright is AWESOME
Back under the same roof, he pretends it never happened. I can feel him thinking bout it. idk, he always bothers me, follows me around. still calls me a fag, puts me down. it like he knows when i cant stand to see his face, and thats when he wont leave me alone. the world would be better without him, it would be better without me. im tired of situations, blah,blah try not to hate, be nice, stress...kill, hard to hold back.

Take me back to the place, where I've seen it before. Before the time I lost it, where you will see, the shadow that still haunts me.

#368567 - 08/21/11 08:28 AM Re: wont leave me alone [Re: illbedat]
Tyler845 Offline

Registered: 11/05/10
Posts: 276
Loc: U.S.A.
Hey B.

Sry to hear about your situation. I hope you can pull through it an find happiness.

All the Best.


Most Often, The Child Inside Has Better Access To Execute The Flawless Potential Of Self.

Over-Ride Emotional Conflict With Rational Truths

You Are Freer Than You Think - Paul Berteaux

Come unto Me, all ye that Labor, and are Heavy-ladened. I will give you Rest -Jesus Christ

#368568 - 08/21/11 08:35 AM Re: wont leave me alone [Re: illbedat]
Lo Don Offline

Registered: 07/26/11
Posts: 133
Loc: Sacramento
Why don't you turn around and tell him not to rape you anymore! See his reaction; try to deny it! In front of others; he won't have a come back. Make it to his shame and not let him put it on you.
I'm doing that with my 2nd molester who does the same thing yours is doing. He is bigger and stronger than me; but in front of others he is speechless. I confessed dates, positions he put me in. He says he never touched me. so I gave details.

This will expose you in a gay light. If you can take that, then go for it. My teem molester is still trying to figure out stories to explain our sexual relationship. He is back peddling, saying he never blew me, but I blew him; realizing he just confessed he had sex. I also, told we had anal sex, well he did the same, he said he only entered me. I didn't have to argue that point. All I wanted was him to be exposed to others. I know he banged other boys, and they may come out also. Now, I look like a full blown quere; but so does he. I have told all of my friends and relatives of being molested by him and 2 other men. He was the only one who followed me and told people I was a fagot, liked to be butt foked. My other 2 molesters never did that. They kept what they did to me a secret. So did I and that is why I got 3 molesters and 2 kept coming back for more of me. Making them happy was not the answer. We got to tell!!!!

Do it Bro, or move,


The me that nobody knows!
Did you replace me with a younger Boy?Does he bend,squat, beat,say Awwww as well as me?
I still love you & miss you.My Perb referred to me as his
'Dirty 'lil Boy','cause I allowed him to bang on me anywhere, anytime."Bend over you Dirty Boy;we know you can take it!"

#368586 - 08/21/11 04:40 PM Re: wont leave me alone [Re: Lo Don]
vachssfan Offline

Registered: 03/08/11
Posts: 58
Loc: TX
"blah,blah try not to hate, be nice, stress...kill, "

the killing- DON'T do. not because i think that mothercuker deserves to breath, but b/c u don't need to go to jail for him. trust me- prison fucking sucks- HARD. the rest of your life isn't worth taking his life.

but the rest... fuck that noise. i might share a different opinion on this than a lot of the folks on here but u have every right to hate him. i would never tell anyone not to have the right to that.

and fuck being nice- unless you feel like it. but if you don't, then fuck it. fuck being civil too. you don't have to put yourself through that.

in my opinion- and it is mine so do with it what you will- but listening to people tell you how to feel and act about this isn't going to help you. it's going to make you feel how you feel right now- and that is putting u in a dangerous situation. let that shit out man. you're stronger than you think- so much stronger. you're still here, and i dont mean on this site, i mean here on earth.

there are plenty of men who would fucking crack, crumble and fall to pieces under what we all carry. but you're not. that my friend, is REAL strength. an inner-will you might even know you have. well you DO have it. run with it. let that knowledge fill you until you can feel it coursing through your veins.
then take you fucking life back.

killing someone won't help- prison isn't where you deserve to be after all this.

standing up for yourself and being assertive- THAT WILL HELP. and every time you do it once, it gets easier to do. and after doing it enough, you'll come to see yourself as a man who is efficacious in his own life, who OWNS himself when no one else does or even can.

take it back for yourself. and fuck anyone who tells you not to in the name of civility. civility is a lie in times like this.

try and find that will in you, i know it's there.


#368590 - 08/21/11 05:06 PM Re: wont leave me alone [Re: vachssfan]
TheBobcatAgain Offline

Registered: 02/13/10
Posts: 524
Loc: AZ, U.S.A.

This worries me. WHY won't he leave you alone? What is he thinking? What is he up to?

These "faggot" remarks could be his way of trying to see if you are interested in sex with him again, and the insults may be intended to get you under his thumb again.

Keep your guard up, bro. Your safety is the number one priority.

Your friend,


You don't have to be perfect to be wonderful.

#368622 - 08/21/11 10:15 PM Re: wont leave me alone [Re: TheBobcatAgain]
illbedat Offline

Registered: 01/12/11
Posts: 80
Loc: David Wright is AWESOME
idk, for sure it will never happen again. he always makes fun of me, everything i like, he'll make fun of me for it. so i just do everything in secret, i've been doing it this way for a long time. I cant even use a computer if someone is around, headphones,private private. since i been back i havent been able to watch the shows i love to watch, i cant come here that much. if i cant be alone, i cant function the way i want... which is in secret??? FUCK, idk wat im sayn, but it makes sense. lol...who needs a T. I dont think he wants that anymore, its just when i hear somethign on tv... a show we used to watch, situations, gay stuff that reminds me of it, i know, i can see it, i can feel him thinking about it. idk wat to do about that, or how i feel when i cant do wat i want. i just lay around, angry, anxiety. idk thanks guys

Take me back to the place, where I've seen it before. Before the time I lost it, where you will see, the shadow that still haunts me.

#368624 - 08/21/11 10:26 PM Re: wont leave me alone [Re: illbedat]
illbedat Offline

Registered: 01/12/11
Posts: 80
Loc: David Wright is AWESOME
Im sorry, im tyring to be better on here. idk how to

Take me back to the place, where I've seen it before. Before the time I lost it, where you will see, the shadow that still haunts me.


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