I started my recovery from Abuse and Sexual abuse back in Feb 2011. This was done after many years of hiding what happened to me at the age of 6-12 and age 16-20. Where I was froced to have sex with a friends of the family for many years, he would rorces me to have sex with him as well as to have sex with farm pigs and cows. At age sixteen I started to work for a man from our church at his cleaning company, where he took me under his wings and cared for me, he helped me out a great deal and gained my trust. I was one of six kids and the only boy in my family, My dad passed when I was 3 years old, My mom re-married when I was 12 years old. I had a lot of abuse in my own family as well and was a child slave.
At age sixteeen I was forced by my bosss to have sex with him and other boys and he would rape me many times, he would force me to suck him off and forces him self on me and hurt me when he did that he would all so have me have sex with other man and this made me feel like I was gay.

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