Hi, Julian. The 8th annual Race to Stop the Silence will take place in downtown DC off of Freedom Plaza on April 29, 2012. See www.stopcsa.org/race, and, for pics of 2011, go here:


We had over 1200 registrants in 2011. Can we talk about us all joining forces -- and you being a part of the Race, which also has a walk as a part of it? It's well established and well-respected, and we think we discovered this past year how to grow it even more than we have been able to in the past. Planning a walk or run in DC is an enormous task. It would be good not to duplicate but multiply our efforts, no? (but, of course, I I support all of these efforts). This past year, we had some of Oprah's 200 men at the Race and I know they really were please with the result. We'd be more than happy to give your focus and extra focus. Give me a call today if you can to discuss on my cell
Stop CSA, Please visit "healing walk" on Facebook, for your input

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