Hi guys, I would like to share my story. For 30 plus years I have kept this to myself until I told what happened to an amazing friend who I was trying to help. Little did I know he would do the same for me.
My father passed away when I was 12.As an only child with no father I felt alone with no direction. About a year and half later, I was a freshman and I was walking home from school when an older kid caught up with me and started some small talk.He then asked me if I wanted to get it on. I was lonley and currious. I said ok. So I followed him to a secluded area, where we started to touch and make out.It was nice until he asked me to preform oral sex on him. I did not know how he showed me how.I did not like it but he aggressively told me to do it and don't stop.He then told me to turn around.I said no. He got mad and said he would tell everyone I'm a homo if I did not listen. I begged him no but he penetrated me from behind. I prayed that it would be over soon. He finished then said some crap that I was a homo. I ran home and locked the doors to my house and took a bath. I felt dirty. Now I realize this may be the catalyst to why my life has been unsatisfying on so many levels. This is all I can write for now. Thank you all.