1st time:
When I was around 5 or 6 my mother and farther would go to work and I would be dropped at my nan's place. I don't remember a lot about my nan but I do remember what happened one afternoon. It started as him touching me as foreplay and didn't know if it was right or wrong. After a couple of time I told my mum that this man was touching me and her response was "Don't tell lies. No one likes a boy that lies". As time went by things would get worse for me. As in that it then became more than touching. Penetration and so on. All up it lasted for about 3 months.

2nd time:
My father past away when I was 10 and that was very hard for me to handle as he was everything to me.
My Aunt and Uncle would visit almost every day and bring there son (My cousin) with them. Here we go again. He would start to touch me in the privates and as much as I hate to say this it did feel good. It would take my mind away form other things I was trying to deal with. It went on for 4 years. In the middle of that I was going out with my now wife. We were childhood sweet hearts. We started going out when I was 12 and she was 14. I was so close that I told her what was going on but due to other stories I would make up she didn't believe me. We split up when I was 13 and one thing she did and I thank her to this day is she went out the front of my cousin's place and was yelling stuff. Such as poofta and other things. That was the end of me and my cousin. Thanks to my wife.

Life went on. I have 2 of the most wonderful kids a dad could ever ask for and a wife that I have torn down so so so many times and she is still with me. If only I had half the strength she has. The sad part is I think this time I have done so much damage I will never get her back.

Now I have to try and get 36 years of my life back.

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