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#367392 - 08/04/11 02:30 PM Suspect in gay student's slaying molested?
Ever-fixed Mark Offline

Registered: 01/02/10
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Loc: United States
After already deploying the homophobic "gay panic" defense to justify the murder of Larry King, Brandon McInerny's defense team are pulling out all the stops.

Suspect in gay student's slaying had been molested, brother says

Brandon McInerney was molested by a relative as a boy, a family secret that his older half brother didn't learn until two weeks after McInerney shot a gay classmate to death in February 2008, the half brother told jurors in a Chatsworth courtroom Wednesday.

James Bing testified that McInerney’s father cried hysterically as he revealed the molestation that occurred when Brandon was about 9 years old.

The older McInerney was upset because the family had dealt with the problem internally, sending the relative away for years, instead of reporting it to police and getting Brandon help, Bing told the courtroom.

McInerney’s father, who is now dead, believed the memory of the molestation was what caused his son to react so violently when Larry King began dressing like a girl and flirting with McInerney at their Oxnard junior high school, Bing said.

"He felt that it scarred him," said Bing, 24. "He felt guilty that he hadn’t done anything about it before."

McInerny's father was, by all accounts, a reprehensible human being - sadistic, cruel, and destructive. I find it hard to believe that he "cried hysterically" about the alleged sexual abuse of his son by another un-named male relative and did nothing about it - no report, no help for his son, no revenge, nothing. The Elder McInerny is dead so there is a heresay aspect to Bing's claims absent the testimony of Brandon McInerny himself.

In the wake of the "gay panic" defense this smells like a desperate attempt to create any kind of justification for killing a class mate. Later in the LA Times piece there is this:

The prosecution contends that McInerney, then 14, shot King because he disliked homosexuals and was bothered by King's attention to him.

Brandon McInerny was bullying Larry King and making his life a misery, King's attention to McInerny comes across as defensive to me. If McInerny was so afraid of same-sex contact that might echo his abuse, why didn't he just leave King alone and not engage?

If McInerny was abused, I'm sorry for his pain. Regardless, I don't see that being abused absolves or mitigates the pre-meditation and murder of someone who had nothing to do with your original abuse situation, and who you are bullying and victimizing in the first place.



Everybody here's got a story to tell
Everybody's been through their own hell
There's nothing too special about getting hurt
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- "Duck and Cover" by Glen Phillips

#368013 - 08/13/11 01:08 AM Re: Suspect in gay student's slaying molested? [Re: Ever-fixed Mark]
ComicBookGuy Offline

Registered: 02/08/09
Posts: 443
Loc: London, England
So instead of getting help later on down the line he decides to bump off some other schoolkid for being gay?

Being 14, they unfortunately cannot fry this kid. Just throw the key away, end of story. If everyone that used the abuse excuse for their crimes got 15 more years on top if convicted, maybe lawyers wouldn't resort to it.

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#368191 - 08/16/11 01:32 AM Re: Suspect in gay student's slaying molested? [Re: ComicBookGuy]
jacobtk Offline

Registered: 04/08/03
Posts: 527
ComicBookGuy, the case is a little more complicated than that. King constantly sexually harassed McInerney and several other boys at school. (Contrary to what Mark stated, McInerney never bothered King.)If McInerney was molested, then having someone frequently violate his space, make sexual passes at him, and relish his discomfort from it might cause a very hostile response. That does not mean he should have killed King, but it is understandable how McInerney could react so extremely if he had been molested.

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#368239 - 08/16/11 06:35 PM Re: Suspect in gay student's slaying molested? [Re: jacobtk]
GeorgeMartin Offline

Registered: 12/30/07
Posts: 206
Loc: USA
"King constantly sexually harrassed McInerney and several other boys at school"

Really? Then WHY wasn't this reported to the school authorities by the harrassed and or their parents?

I have heard this phrase used before, "If a gay person made a pass at me, I would kill them." So, on that same priniciple, if a woman made a pass at me (as a gay person) I would kill her!

And if I did harm such a person, it would be malicious intentful harm to another human being. Just because someone violates someone's "space" intentionally or unintentionally, or makes sexual passes at someone, does not make it justified to get up behind a person, and blow their brains out of their skull.

And I do not think this boy was molested whatsoever. Children are raised in a surrounding of homophobia.

King was a student at this school and I am very sure McInerney did harrass and bully King.

McInerney maliciously and intentfully plotted this criminal act out. He took the firearm concealed onto school grounds, intentfully hid it, intentfully sat behind this gay student, and criminally shot a hole through the other students head.

This was not justified or reasonable action(s) to resolve this dynamic between these two young people gay or straight.

But hey how many stupid people out there, even on this site, are afraid of being labeled as "gay" or are still in the closet, because in our society, it is the stupid arrogant straight people who assume and label homosexual's as child molesters/ deviants/and or pedophiles?

If an adult man molests a girl, society doesn't call it heterosexual abuse. If a woman molests a boy, they don't label it heterosexual abuse. But if it is a man molesting a boy, the man is nearly automatically labeled ignorantly as a homosexual. The boy must have wanted it. Why didn't the boy defend himself and stop the man. blah blah blah.

McInerney is guilty, plain and simple and ALLEGEDLY being sexually abused earlier in life, or ALLEGEDLY being harassed by King (before his death) is ABSOLUTELY no excuse for the taking of his life! The young man needs to take some resposibility and so does society in general.

All this conjecturing and lawyering blah blah excuses does not change the reality that Larry King is dead by a homophobic classmate, who did maliciously and intently bring a firearm from point A to point B, concealed, and shot to death another human being. McInerney didn't give a damn, and could have taken a more healthy way of dealing with his angst against another classmate.
But in this day and age, what with violence all in the media etc. why not, to solve a problem.....all one has to do is get a gun, and take care of the problem. The gay kid in class, that is.

#368242 - 08/16/11 07:06 PM Re: Suspect in gay student's slaying molested? [Re: GeorgeMartin]
GeorgeMartin Offline

Registered: 12/30/07
Posts: 206
Loc: USA
The night before he killed Larry King, 14-year-old Brandon McInerney could think of nothing else.

It wasn’t enough that King, a troubled eighth-grader, had started coming to school in high heels and makeup. But just that day he passed McInerney in the hallway and, in front of the lanky teen’s friends, uttered what McInerney saw as a repulsive come-on: “What’s up, baby?”

It was the last straw.

For McInerney, there had been months of pressure to do better in school from his abusive, methamphetamine-addicted father. And now, there was this strange remark from this strange boy --a comment that McInerney later described as “superdisgusting.”

A strange kid? This implies that the two did not really honestly know each other.

“I sat and I thought about it over and over,” he told psychologist Douglas Hoagland months after he shot King in a computer lab at E.O. Green Junior High in Oxnard. “It didn’t calm me down. It made me more angry. All I could think about was I wanted to kill him.”

McInerney’s internal monologue came out Monday in a Chatsworth courtroom as a prosecutor tried to shake the testimony of Hoagland, an expert for the defense in McInerney’s murder trial.

The lengthy proceeding, moved to Los Angeles County because of extensive publicity in Ventura County, is in its final stages and is expected to go the jury this week or next.

Attorneys for McInerney, now 17 but being tried as an adult, are hoping the jury will be allowed to consider the killing as manslaughter rather than murder.
They have argued that McInerney was a bright kid driven over the brink by a long history of violence at home and, in the end, teasing from the victim, whose cross-dressing he saw as in-your-face provocation.

The Ventura County district attorney’s office has painted the defendant as calculating and callous, a budding white supremacist given to swastika doodles and, like his father and grandfather, rage against minorities.

On Feb. 12, 2008, after a night fuming over the perceived insult from King, McInerney left for school in a hurry — but came back to get his father’s loaded .22-caliber revolver, Hoagland testified.

He concealed it in a towel and stuffed it in his backpack. At school he stealthily withdrew the towel-wrapped gun and stuffed it into his pants.He told Hoagland he had started to have second thoughts about killing King, who sat immediately in front of him.

But when he heard King telling a girl that he’d changed his name to Leticia, that changed.

“He snapped,” Hoagland said, and entered a “dissociative state” that lasted until he fled the classroom and was caught by police minutes later.

“It was a transient period of dissociation,” Hoagland said in response to skeptical questioning from prosecutor Maeve Fox.

After shooting two bullets into King’s head, McInerney said he remembered hearing the teacher scream and seeing a pool of King’s blood, Hoagland said.

Fox scoffed at the explanation, describing it as McInerney entering “a state of semi-unawareness.” She pointed to testimony from fellow students that McInerney had told them of his intent to kill King.When one of them asked McInerney whether he’d brought a gun to school, as he said he would, he lied and said he hadn’t. Not long afterward he fired the fatal shots.


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