Hey everyone,

just to let you know hate has entered into my life, now that I was thinking it isnt so bad I can live with the fact that I am a rape victim, I was raped by five guys five years ago. Yesterday 06-18-02, was the day that it all began, left the club and as I was exiting a black male got into my car through the passenger side and pulled out a gun and told me to drive, a few moments later he told me to pull over and switch seats, he forced me to take a pill, dont know what it is, but all I know is that I was knocked out three minutes after taking it, then the next morning I woke up in my car with my pants down in the back seat in the middle of ghettoville (Where noone gives a shit about noone) So I knew what went wrong, went to the hospital and sure enough I was raped again, What a small mother fucken world huh?