I wll just start with I am not sure when the abuse started but I believe it began with my older brother. My mother was a very bad drug user and had some mental issues. I believe she would trade me to a certain friend for sex. This woman was let's just say was more than a little twisted. There were times when my mother was si drugged up her friend would have us perform sex on eachother. Not only during the sexaul abuse was going on my father beat my brother I so very badly. One time almost killing by breaking my ribs and kicking me in the head with steal toe boots. This madness went on for years then my brother left home and abuse on me got worse. At 16 trusted someone who gave a job and who I thought I could trust, a friends uncle. He got me drunk so bad I passed out cold when I woke up the next morning he was still raping me. Later that morning he said he would kill me and my Famliy if I said anything, Hell I was to ashamed to tell anyone. I always felt it was my fought fir being there. Last year after my wife of 8 years had been having problems I told her. She was the first person ever I told and who ever is on here. This is so much more I have left out but I don't want to make anyone sick with the details I am just glad I have others can share this with that have been through it.