For those who have been following me, Adam got badly hurt at work on Thursday. Herniated several discs in his lumbar region. One severally. He is on workman's comp. With his autism, bipolar, OCD, and anxiety. He is not capable a desk job and our doctor says no physical labor ever again which is what he has always done. Anyway, his work is being evil. We go to a lawyer on Monday. We see his doctor on Monday to file for disability. Me being me, found out how long he has his good psych insurance and his therapist told me at one point that if we ever were struggling to pay co-pays to tell him so I called him and left him a message telling him what's happening and that I want to put Adam in intensive therapy 2 or 3 times a week instead of once as he is home and I want to exploit this insurance as long as possible and get him as much help as possible on the company tab as they used and abused him with his autism for 5 years and I feel they owe him.