But something in me picked out people in my environment who resembled the perpetrator of my abuse. There were 3 such people. There I was, an adult and a teacher. But that something in me was having these extremely strong responses to several people. I actually acted something like a boy in that when I saw those people I would break into tears.

Allen, I am so sorry that you had to experience this.

I started seeing a good T. He told me that it was PTSD. Just knowing what was happening and talking to someone who understood helped me a lot. But then he helped me to become aware of how to get over that reaction.

This is HUGE! I am trying to establish this with my son. He is so wise for his 7 years, I am trying to stay at
His level and not scare him.

What he said was that when I started having that PTSD reaction I should become aware that I was really NOT BACK THERE at all. That I was who I was and not then. I was in NOW. I had to do was have this little book-mark in my mind. I was not compelled to react that way.

This is where I am trying to get my sonís mindset. I truly appreciate your experience and how you have dealt with this Allen. Hopefully one day my son will be able to understand this. He is not ready yet, I will
Be here for him. You save my Sanity and keep me grounded. Words are not enough to thank you and everyone here for your input.

And didi, do you need a little help carrying your heavy burdens?

For a small woman I have B-I-G shoulders! wink


Raising children who have been loaned to us for a brief moment outranks every other responsibility!