got a new record today.

listening and reading the lyrics, i can't help but think this guy is one of *us*. maybe he is and maybe he's not. i guess it doesn't matter- it speaks to me nonetheless.

which helps. but sometimes i wish i could find something that i don't find echoes of this part of me in it.

"What have I seen other than what the bottom looks like?
Stuck somewhere between the gloom and the light
When you're working towards building back those broken boards
You sometimes lose your footing
You often find yourself putting off everyone while finding comfort in other songs
To distract the fact that you're actually disappearing
I have no excuses that I can offer
Just the hope that your forgiveness will hold back the water
For what its worth… I'm sorry
And at the end I swear I'm trying"
Touche Amore- "amends"