I am sitting here and looking there
I cast about with a vacant stare
a pressures building in my head
and I pray that it will not spread

insides churning, brain feels like mush
I cast about in a frantic rush
tingles run up and down my spine
I seek a power that isn't mine

a feeling all over and inside
I cannot shake it though I've tried
the drive I've garnered is nearly broken
But these are words I've never spoken

for I don't think others understand
that this is not what I'd planed
my dreams and hopes are all dying
but it isn't that I've not been trying

although that's what I tell myself
I wonder if its good for health?
My heart and soul are glad to say
that I've done all I can do today

Just lie and rest
you've done ur best
But NO my brain says that's not true
I can keep going and push on through

and I know where I must go
because we all really know
that when we've run straight to the wall
it is not our time to fall

we must stand and clime up high
if we don't we'll truly die
cause sitting their doesn't give
any man a reason to live