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#363644 - 06/05/11 06:16 PM Reactions to report on Catholic Church Abuse
Ever-fixed Mark Offline

Registered: 01/02/10
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More reaction to the John Jay Report, first from The Washington Post 'Blame the hippies’ for Catholic sexual abuse?

A cynic might conclude that the church was seeking to deflect the responsibility of priest-abusers by pointing to the cultural changes—toward “deviance”—that occurred in the 1960s and 1970s as a cause of these behaviors. The report asserts that these changes “manifested in increased levels of deviant behavior in the general society,” (p. 2) and we further learn that the “1960s came with a rise in social activism, intergenerational conflict, illegal drug use, crime, and disorder.” (p. 36) Finally, among the “many social changes [that] occurred in the 1960s” was an “importance given to young people and popular culture.” These de>

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#363689 - 06/06/11 04:26 PM Re: Reactions to report on Catholic Church Abuse [Re: Ever-fixed Mark]
Dan99 Offline

Registered: 06/18/07
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Loc: Washington DC
Personally, I think there is some truth to the idea that the "free love" movement helped provide cover for some pedophile priests in that it created an open environment for considering alternative sexual practices. At least this was my experience. I think it created an environment in which people could say, if church teachings on sex outside of marriage are being challenged, could you not also challenge other sexual mores? I think some pedophiles try to rationalize they're behavior because they don't want to accept that they are doing horrible things that will cripple their victims forever.

I do believe there was a general pushing of boundaries that was encouraged in the 60s and 70s that created some very ugly side effects. And pedophiles used this situation to rationalize their behavior.

But as I say, I don't think the idea that hippy culture was invading the church explains the problem. The real challenge to the Catholic Church, and all of us, is the question: Why was this not stopped by those who knew it was happening? In my opinion, it is a lack of individual courage and morality that is the real scourge within the church and elsewhere. These are the revelations that I find just astounding. The police, other priests, teachers, etc. many people in these positions knew what the priests were doing, but they did not stop it. And that's not because they embraced some notion of free love that encompassed pedophilia. It's because of moral cowardice.

I hope that in mainstream society today as compared to when I was a kid pedophiles have a much harder time operating without being stopped. Not sure if there's reason to be hopeful or not.

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#363691 - 06/06/11 04:42 PM Re: Reactions to report on Catholic Church Abuse [Re: Dan99]
earlybird Offline

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Hmmm, I don’t know Dan99,

I’m puzzled a little over referring to pedophilia as caused by a moral degeneration of a particular generation. I guess I don’t see it quite the same way. Social morays constantly change and each generation accuses the next of losing the moral high ground the parent generation held.

Raping another human being is not about relaxed morals at a particular moment in time. I fear to think so may distract the blame from an individual’s depraved actions to that of a society’s acceptance to particular activities of its members. That said society has its guilt to own up to for they often do chose to wear blinders to such painful issues as sexual assault. I don’t think those blinders were designed and built in the 60’s I’m pretty confident they’ve been around sense the Stone Age or Adam and Eve it one wants to venture in that direction.

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