Okay, so......let's see, we have:
a. father
b. father holding infant son
c. male protector with tribe
d. male/father/protector/husband in a wheelchair and dealing with lengthy illness
e. unexpected physical confrontation from behind

An emotional response sounds rational and understandable. Thank the Lord you were there to educate the woman. Hopefully she learned a lesson from the event. It could have been your wife there alone being approached like that. Maybe next time the woman will remember you when she considers cornering a lone person, especially a woman, in a parking lot.

Maybe I sound a bit calloused, but in this crazy age we often have to set boundaries and demand that others respect our space...especially when we're dealing with a stranger.

I have taken to the stand-up comedy stage to educate other male survivors and those who try to love them. I blog about my isolated religious upbringing where physical and sexual abuse were commonplace and I serve as a facilitator of a weekly support group for men who have suffered sexual assault.