*** Triggering ***

News story about how Jesuit priests hid the pedophile behavior of one of their own (Donald McGuire). This let it go on and on. Let him prey (sic) sick .


"McGuire, for his part, was a cleric of worldwide renown, functioning as adviser and confessor to Mother Teresa."

"McGuire seemed to revel in the elaborate torment of his victims, perverting the sacraments into vehicles of abuse and turning vulnerable boys against their parents. One of his more notorious practices was to coax admissions of masturbation out of his victims under seal of confession and then massage their genitals as part of the process of penance."

"The trail of quiet complicity leads from San Francisco to unexpectedly high levels. Among the revelations in the documents is that John Hardon, a now-deceased Jesuit priest who is being formally considered for sainthood by the Vatican, advocated on McGuire's behalf after he was caught allegedly molesting one Bay Area boy."


* News Tip from Barbara Blaine of SNAP (Survivor's Network of Those Abused by Priests)


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