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#362158 - 05/14/11 12:28 PM forest of trees
sidestep Offline

Registered: 05/12/11
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The Forest of Trees

Living life, with too many bad memories,
did the only thing I knew, Iíll burry these
deep in the ground, so I dug,
through the sticks, and the rocks, and the crappy mud
cover them up, stomp on the ground,
away to life, was the way I was bound
looking all around, it was good to see,
I can make a bright future for you and me,
Come on girl, Iím finally free,
free from all the hell that was killing me,
So I make some right choices and things began to flow,
I was building a new life, for me, you know?
Every now and then,
When I started to slow down,
I could see the green grass, coming out of the ground
Bringing back memories, of the old days around,
The day that I dug, the things in the ground,
Vowing to protect, that boy canít be found
Concealing his identity, the only way around,
So I kick it up a notch, so I wonít look down
Back to my life , fun all around,
Spontaneous reactions, traveling out of town,
Consuming all my focus, so I wonít look downí
Keeping my head up, focus all around.
Slowly I felt sluggish, something slowing me down
I really never noticed what was growing from the ground
A forest full of treeís, look itís all around,
I had to keep running, itís getting harder to see
The forest grew to fast, like early spring,
Soon itís too late, the trees to tall,
Soon I couldnít see my way at all.
Lost in a forest, with treeís and grass
Lost in life, because of my past,
Where do I go, which way do I turn
To the left, to the right, my mind starts to burn,
If only I dealt with the problems of my past
Instead, I buried them, directly under my ass,
Help me, save me, can anyone here,
Iím trying to find my way out of here.
Whatís wrong they say, canít you see,
There is no forest, not even a tree
Do I dare tell them, they canít see
The forest beneath my feet, its killing me
Someday somebody will come looking for me,
Someday somebody will start cutting trees
Everywhere I go, thousands around
No one calls my name, not even a sound,
Where are my friends, there, look around
But I never even told them,
what I put in the ground
I really canít believe, they canít see
This forest in the ground, its smothering me
The more I reach out, the more it grows
Farther away, farther, you know
Soon the voices are faint, I can barely hear
Some of my friends, talking over there,
No one can hear me, no one knows iím here.
I have to cut a path, get the hell out of here.
Every branch that breaks, the memory comes clear
Every twig that snaps, is a memory dear
GOD there are so many, What will I do,
Every tree and branch, hurts like new.
When I stop breaking, the memories start to fade
But that leaves me no where, what do I say,
Help me, help me, I scream like a boy,
Help me, help me, I scream even more,
no one can hear me, not even my wife,
My friends, my kids, man what a Fóked up life.
Soon it falls quiet, except for the past,
The branches I broke, memories all over my ass,
If I wouldíve known, the hole I dug,
Would have left me in the end, not knowing how to love
Taking care of myself, being open with people,
Taking time to trim the grass, even going to the steeple,
What ifs are great, but there not here,
Iím stuck in the forest, get me out of here
Screaming out for help, itís like a different language
no one can speak, I only feel anguish,
Soon thereís a man, they call Mr. T
Its funny how he took the time to really look at me,
I screamed one time, he stopped in his tracks,
He looked me in the eyes, I stared right back,
Can he really see, whatís surrounding me
Can he speak the language thatís ailing me
With a slip of his tongue he spoke right back
It was even in the language, hey, I heard that,
Out from his back, and even his pockets
Came a big old saw, some wrenches, and sockets,
Now thereís a man that knew what to do
If his saw breaks down, he can fix it too,
He started to cut, and I began to laugh, this forest is thick
It covers my ass
That didnít stop, this man Mr. T
He keep working hard, and staring at me.
It gave me some hope, something I lack
He gave me some rope, I tied off some trash
He gave me some direction, and soon I will see
More people showed up, theyíre cutting some trees
Theyíve been there before, they would all scream
We are coming for you, trust and believe,
Trust and believe, something I would never do,
Stuck in the forest, I would have to choose,
Thereís really no choice from where iím at
I could stay in the woods, or work my way out.
At least there is hope, and soon I will see,
The people that helped, were just like me,
Soon some day I will get out, then I can run to help others out,
Thereís a lot of us stuck, like you and me, but thereís only one way out
Itís cutting through trees
Thanks to all the guys that speak the language,
Understand the pain, love and anguish.

Side Step

#362163 - 05/14/11 01:20 PM Re: forest of trees [Re: sidestep]
earlybird Offline

Registered: 02/18/10
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Wow, very nicely stated. The journey so clealy laid out. Nice!

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There is symmetry
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#362186 - 05/14/11 06:16 PM Re: forest of trees [Re: sidestep]
Tyler845 Offline

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That was wonderful man.

Very nice"

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