My father had an accident that left him brain damaged when I was 2. My mother was incapable of taking care of him so she left to another state with me when I was 7. My mom thought it would be a good idea to find a guy for me to hang out with because I didn't have any kind of father figure. Through the local park, she met Steve. Steve was in his mid-20's and was a camp counselor at the park. My mom checked him out and he has great references and no criminal background.
Steve would take me out a couple of times a week to the park, movies or whatever. I enjoyed him every much. Things started to get weird when we would go to the bathroom and he would watch me at the urinal (I was around 8 and he would smile at me.). I would be shy about it but figured this is what guys do. He then became affectionate towards me by holding me against his body, rubbing my chest and even kissing me on the head. Sometimes he would do this in public.
One day I had accidentally zipped my zipper onto my penis and had gotten a bit of a scratch. Later that day Steve came to pick me up to hang out. We went back to his apartment and when I went to pee, I saw that the scratch had gotten bigger. I came out and told Steve that I had an 'owie'. He looked at it and said he would look closer at it in the bedroom where there was more light. When we went into his bedroom, he closed the door and sat in a chair and asked to see my owie. I went to him and showed him it. He started to ask me what happen and other details. Things got weird when he asked me questions like if he offered to kiss it would I say yes or no, he complimented me for being so 'big',asked me if my testicles were okay and proceeded to pull my pants and boxers down to my knees. He ended up putting some medication on my penis. I didn't know if that was right or not.
He ended up saying to tell my mom. He asked me to sit in his lap and I noticed he had an erection so I said no. I did tell my mom who freaked but I didn't tell her any details because I didn't want Steve or me to get into trouble and I wanted to still be with him.
The remaining few times that I was with Steve he would do other things like rest his hand on my thigh while in the car, kissing me on the head, telling me how cute I was and watching me pee became the norm. We went swimming one time and we went into a private changing area. He picked me up on put me on the benches before I got undressed for no reason. As I was completely undressed, he stopped me and asked me to put sunblock 'everywhere'. As I was putting it on, he started to put some on my chest and fondled my nipples. I could tell he had an erection. He then told me that he loved me.
There incident is when we played doctor. He ended up taking off my shirt and pulling my pants and boxers down (not all the way) where he rubbed and kissed me. I didn't touch him though.
The biggest incident was when he was watching me overnight. Everything was normal until it came time to take a shower. Steve insisted that I take a bath to which I obliged. He watched me get undress, took my clothes to the hamper and came back in to 'hang out'. I felt uncomfortable. He told me that he wanted me to finish up so he would help me bathe even though I didn't need help. He asked me which part could he wash- the top or bottom and I said the bottom. He started washing and tickling my feet and legs until he told me to stand up. I knew he was going to wash my penis so I started washing it before he could. He told me that he wanted to do it while I washed my hair and tried to move my hands away but I wouldn't. He asked if he could just wash a little bit of it and I agreed. He then complimented about being so huge for an 8 year old.
After that, Steve started to fade out of out lives because my mom started to get suspicious. I was heartbroken when he stopped coming around. I never disclosed this to anyone because I didn't know if I was abused or not and because I really wanted to protect Steve. I had no one else to relate these experiences to. I don't know if I was sexually abused or if my caretaker was just quirky. I've looked him up a few times and he's an elementary school teacher now.