Napoleon, I myself have thought the same stuff your going through, i often feel out of control of my thoughts and actions, blacking out for sometimes hours. and finding my self in weird places and what not. but i'm going off subject. honestly i would like nothing better then to spend 25 cents and save the court a ton of money but you gotta be 3% smarter then your abuser.
if you can take him to court i would suggest you do that, as you said he would have to tell his sins to the world. that maybe be more terror for him. in my case my abuser was heartless as heartless can be. i would suggest that you use what ever you need to do improve your own mental state and help to heal the scars not reopen them. best of luck brother, i hope everything goes well.

If I die, he wins.
Losing is not an option.

Forgive yourself.