please read carefully.

What do you want from me? Do you really want to see my pain, see the strain across my face, as i drag you across my flesh? I can hide your marks; i can hide the pain you give. I can even block the pain from view. But what i cant rid of if you...

Why do you cling to me...? Why do you hide from view... calling me... itís a game of hide and seek. You know that i need you. You know i want you. So i find you and you know that i depend on you.

So you shine for me. You show me your beautiful sheen, you flash your eyes at me... drawing me in.

I gaze at you... and wonder. Can you help me? Will you help me? Or taint me? Break me? What is it you do?

You tell me what you want to do... and i kneel down and show you what i have. I show you my curse. That object of desire; the wanted, the used, the so called bringer of life.

I tell you how it doesnít work like that. How much of a failure it is. I am. You shine at it. You know i will let you drag yourself across it... bearing down and pulsing pain through my body.

I give in to your wishes.

As i drag you across the flesh i realise... you are not my friend you are not a being. Youíre just an object. It is i that is doing this.

I pull a towel across my groin and crouch on the floor... face locked up in pain... sweat dripping of my forehead ...body shaking

once again Iím giving in to desire.

pete x