The following is posted on behalf of Cecile Gunn Desmond who is conducting research as described below. This study has been approved by the Research Committee of our MaleSurvivor Board of Directors for posting. Your participation in the study is voluntary.


My name is Cecile Gunn Desmond and I am a PhD student at Boston University. I am conducting research on trauma and spirituality. The research consists of an on-line, anonymous survey that will take about 20 minutes. After you complete the survey, you may choose a charity to receive a donation.

You qualify for the study if you have:

• Experienced a trauma (such as a physical or sexual attack, combat, natural disaster, serious car accident, learning you have a life-threatening disease, experiencing or witnessing a violent event, suffered a traumatic loss)

• Experience any of the following:
Flashbacks or unwanted painful memories of the event?
Avoiding things or places that remind you of the event?
Feeling “on-edge,” jumpy, or irritable since the event?

• Your spirituality has changed as a result, even if you do not consider yourself a “spiritual person.”

• And you have not experienced a traumatic brain injury

The purpose of this research study is to improve treatment for trauma. We want to understand how traumatic experiences affect people’s spirituality so that we can better help people heal from the experience of trauma. We encourage people of all races, ethnicities, religious faiths, and those who do not consider themselves as spiritual to participate in this research so that your voice may be heard. We hope to learn from your experience and apply it to help others.

To take the survey or to learn more, please visit: This study is now closed

Thank you for your time and participation,
Cecile Gunn Desmond

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