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#357388 - 03/23/11 01:55 AM a book i am writing
nltsaved Offline

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this is a little part of something i am working on , just wanted to share a little piece of it . this is not all together or anything it is just a part of it the spelling and punctuation are off because this is still in raw form . just really wanted to share it .

and i no all will not agree or like what i say but i am tweaking this every day trying to refine it and make it as good as i can. this is not for everyone and i have no problem with criticism and everyone is in different places in their lives and some have issues with the church as a whole i am just simply trying to share some things i am going to be putting in a book , that is all agree or disagree that is cool withe me

We where on the path to destruction before Christ intervened weather we found him or through some one else that God chose to use to open our eyes to the truth we were saved from a life of witch we tend to condemn most of the time .
This is part of the reason the church is failing in so many ways. No one is excepting the fact that the very same people that are coming to church for healing and searching for Christ in us
are finding nothing more than the world is offering them , rejection and condemnation.
The very same people that have been delivered and have had the scales removed from their eyes are now blinded by there own self righteousness . We condemn those who where once us before we met and developed a relationship with our Lord who came to heal the broken hearted the broken and the wounded not just the people who we think are worthy to be saved by our fleshy earthly standard . But Christ died for ALL not just some . Yes even the ones that we have written off and cast away to be condemned for the most vile acts , in fact I would argue he wants to show his love to them the most.

God wants the most wretched and vile people so he can show just how great of a God he really is. He has agape love a love that transcends all our feeble minds can ever imagine . Not the earthy fleshly love we try to throw around.
this because of kind of love , I love you because of this or that .
But not our God his love is so magnificent that it is hard for us to comprehend just how loving he really is.
The word love is thrown around these days as if it means almost nothing . I love this because , I love this song , I love this artist, I love those shoes, I think I am in love . Love is so much more than all of these stereo typical automated responses.

For our God is love and if you do not no what love is just look at all the vile and despicable things that you yourself have done will do and are even still doing now ,but yet he still loves you , he excepts you he receives you day after day he is still reining and sovereign. God continues to love you in spite of all you do and have done . His love remains . After we get saved and he begins to work in us and through us we some how forget just how we got to were we are . We think we get to pick and choose who is worthy and who is not worthy when in reality we are all as filthy rags not one is righteous it is because of this great love that god has for his people that we are allowed to still be here.

We are to be clothed with power from on high and that holy spirit that works in us and through us draws us nearer to the father and the same spirit will draw others to it . It is not us per say that people are drawn to , it is the very spirit of god that is drawing them to him through us .
God created us to worship him to adore him and the way he gets us to do that is by our struggles and hardships our sin is what turns us to god and when we are in the mist of being refined and purified it is at these moments we find ourselves depending and worshiping him seeking him the most. And through these moments we find out that we are being made new in our attitudes and minds are being renewed through the power that is working in us . He uses all of our life situations and circumstances to humble us because we will not go willingly to him humbly. We go to him proud and full of sin in our lives and this is no way to approach our loving god.

Our god wants a broken and contrite spirit as David wrote My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit;
   a broken and contrite heart
   you, God, will not despise
In fact I believe this is where god meets us the most is when we are broken because it is through our brokenness we will listen and are willing to listen to him.

Through this process we worship him in spirit and in truth , when we are seeking him diligently earnestly with a heart that desires what he wants . Most of the time we really mean it when we are broken and looking for answers. Well if there is one thing I no it is that god has all the answers to everything . We might not like them or even want to hear them but the truth is the truth anyhow . This god that sent his son to die for ALL of our sins who formed this whole universe with all his great wisdom and knowledge came with the greatest plan that can reach all people from every tongue, nation , or background .

What more perfect of a plan can you ask for when the very god that created all of this with his most holy and righteous being took his very blood and shed it to cover All of our sins. There is nothing more perfect than the sacrifice that occurred
on that cross. Our brains and minds I do not think will ever fully understand just what really happened that day. His plan should mean more to us each and every single day.
You can not say that about anything. This great plan should and will mean more to you the closer you become to our lord.

Think about it for a minute where you were in your life before you were clothed with power from on high. Think of all the things you used to do , all the wrongs and hurts you have caused some willingly some unwillingly. We were all wrapped up and strangled by our sin . When we began to humble ourselves and come to him willingly it was at that very moment he began a work in us that continues on until the day we go to be with him.

In this book I will give examples of how god has loved me in spite of ALL of my sin and how through my willingness to stay connected to him he gives me grace until the time he fulfills his purpose in me. Through all the times I have fallen and fallen and fallen he has used each of those falls to refine me through grace by faith . If we truly want to get where Christ would have us to be it is time to stop acting like we do not have sin In our lives ,living lies and showing the world the fake mask we put on every Sunday and start carrying one another’s burdens and fulfilling s Christ command of loving one another as we love ourselves .
We want to be forgiven by god but do not want to forgive, we want people to love us in spite of our wrongs but we will not love in spite of others wrongs. We would rather put them in a category and say well at least I am not gay , or an adulterer or what ever other category we lump them in
but all the while you are a lying ,gossiping , hypocrite. But as long as you are not “one of them” or not doing what they are doing you are some how excluded from the list.
Well I got news for you we all sin and fall short of the glory of god. But with love we can begin to work on these things . This is the greatest command Jesus gave us is to love as he has loved, this is a tall order but when you start to think about the love he has shown you it should not be that tall of an order .

We have to get to the place where we cans look at the most vile acts the most vile things and say ok I love you, because this is the only way that people can see Jesus
They see Jesus by us loving one another as Jesus loved, dare I say even YOU in all of your filthy sin, he loves you
he just simply loves you. When we stay connected to Jesus through the power of the holy spirit every thing can be looked at differently through the eyes of love through the eyes of the holy spirit.
We can take any situation and circumstance and see god working in it ,through it and using it for our benefit.
Romans 8 &28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. 29 For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son

That means to me in our sufferings In all circumstances and situations in this life god is to be found there somewhere some how some way.
He will conform us one way or another for his glory the faster we get on board with his plan the more he will be able to use us to glorify him. He will conform us willingly or unwillingly it is because we choose most of the time to go unwillingly we suffer so much.

When we do go willingly things are smother but in our flesh we want to rationalize everything, well most of the time god is not rational in a sense he see’s fare beyond what we can see . We can not even tell what the next day will bring but he has already for seen our whole lives . It is just hard from our humanness to understand this . God is the ultimate chess player he has every move planed out but when we try to force the move in another direction he has to plan accordingly and adjust the game . He has already told us how the story ends he has already shown us things that confirm his greatness but through all of this we still think we can do it our way
we still think we have a better plan or a better way and he just sits back and waits for us to worship him and seek him when we fall so he can pick us back up and dust us off hoping this time we will just conform to the image of Christ .

Video of me telling my story
you are not alone never were
Why i hate Religion but love Jesus

#357478 - 03/23/11 09:45 PM Re: a book i am writing [Re: nltsaved]
RecoveryReady1 Offline

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Very interesting read,

Wondering what your specific purpose is in writing this book?..... What you want from writing it and who you are wanting to reach? .... Is it strictly to express your views and experiences or is it something different....I think, one would have to know this stuff in order to give feedback, because the feedback would be different depending on what you are trying to achieve in writing the book....From my perspective, What you have to offer is ---your personality and your powerful story of recovery...
I also think that you want to avoid writing the book that has already been written......What is your unique perspective?


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