My Name is Edward: Part One

my life started out like anyone life, I was born on Aug 20, 1963. My mom and dad where married do not know if they where happy or not, do not know if they loved up on me at all. My family id made up of four sister one being my real sister, three being my half sister, I have a half brother which I never know till this past year. My mom has been married for time, she had had issues in all her marrige, my real dad passed away when I was three years old. I did not know him or his family at all. I did not know my mon family at all till I met my granmother this past year. I do not know a lot about my mom past other then what other people have told me. My mom was a singal woman who had four kids by the age of 20. She had to work at night and we had baby sitters.