Thought I would share this good news with you all,but the only thing we survivors would like to know is when this inquiry is going to proceed,I would like a sort of help-line set up,so that victims can tell they stories as most victims here don't trust the state or the police.

Survivors of abuse have say on inquiry

Victims and survivors of institutional abuse in Northern Ireland have given their views on how a future inquiry should proceed.

The Executive announced in December that it would hold an inquiry, and survivors have been encouraged to suggest what shape it takes.

Conor Ryan lived at De La Salle Boys Home in Kircubbin for two years from 1957.

He said victims are looking for an apology and redress.

“We don’t want this to take years, because I’m 66 and none |of us are getting any younger,” |he said.

Another survivor, Paul Toner, urged others to contribute.

“It gives people a chance who have kept it quiet for years,” he said.

“Today is the day that they can go along and speak out and |express their views on what they want out of these terms of reference and what they want Stormont to do about it for the inquiry.”


May,life,light and love be ever with you.