I grew up in Long Island (45 minutes from the city) in a normal looking house in suburbia. My mom and dad divorced when I was two supposedly because my dad was having an affair (which he was) but I think it was mores so the fact that my mom was completely dysfunctional and he couldn't deal with it anymore. Rather than get a job to support herself she got the first scumbag she could find to move in and pay the bills. During the two years before she met frank (my step-father) she would always make me do things that i felt uncomfortable with, touching her, massaging her, ect. Frank was an alcoholic, they both abused me at the same time and seperatly. I was forced to perform oral on them, Frank would rape me when he was abusing me by myself, and when they were together I had to have sex with them at the same time, both me and my stepfather inside my mother at the same time. I remember them using the term that when we did this we were a real family, I remeber being crushed and unable to breath being stuffed in between them. I have a constant flashback of one night in particular, my room was across the hall from theirs and since i was never allowed to close my door and they never did there's I was always witness to what they did together. Since I was to young to understand what being intoxicated was I just remeber them acting funny which made me want to stear clear of them becuase that was most often when i was forced to do something. They were rolling around on their bed and they heard me move, and I remember them saying, " I think he's up go check." I pretended to be a sleep when my step-father came into the room and started rubbing my stomach and trying to wake me up. I kept my eyes tightly closed and was paralyized with fear, a couple minutes later he gave up and went back to bed. A lot of things are still not clear but his drinking got out of control and his solo abuse sessions with me began to get more violent. I have a memory of being forced to drink and throwing up behind the metal radiator that was in there room. The sexual abuse went on from the time i was 4 to 8 years old. I don't remember how or why it stopped but I think someone found ( If I had to guess i would say it was my maternal grandmother). The sexual abuse stopped, Frank and Cindy went into separate bedrooms, he went into AA and became more of a monster than he ever was before, then the real physical abuse started.