Deepest Black (Four Voices)

A shadow has been cast over the world
To darken every soul of any light
The veil is pulled over truth
It seeks to devour the very Sun
A voice like the winds blow within its wake
It whisper's softly within the ear
Its voice is clear to the open heart
"Heed the voice less heard"
A cry springs forth from Earth
Carried by the seven seas upon the land
It laments of suffering, death, despair
Its voice is loud upon the Sons of Man
The many people scattered about
For all their business with naught
Dust settled between the ears
The Third shall catch them unaware
The voice they raise of ignorant pride
Pleasure and greed consume their minds
As the foundation of societies lies begin to fall
They shall carry on, though the truth exposed to them all
And so it comes, subtle and great
A deception garbed in the guise of salvation
Blinding their willing eyes in darkest light
The shadow descends upon a fallen world
Whom heeded The First flee the shadows wrath
They bear a light that hopes for a coming day
So their blood is shed to feed the Beast
Who fears the coming First and Last
To the few in search for a reason
To seek what's beyond our shattered world
A wind is blowing through the land
Take these words for a breath of that air, and understand
We follow the many in fear of rejection
But the road to what’s right is followed the least
To you who feel you wander this world alone
Who sees an unbalance in the midst of it all
Be not afraid, we are one in the same
Stranger's lost in an uncaring world
The many will come and call you to join
If you should falter, when their words give you doubt
Look past their eyes to the truth of their hearts
An intent contrary to the good of their deeds
We carry a light within our soul that God shares
And so you shall see theirs is a deepest black