Through a sleeping city in autumn night
I walk alone, searching my mind
Resolution for the lost soul eluding
To inviting even a stranger's care
Dodging thoughts of things I cannot bear
Done hosting frustration and weakness, I look around
An empty corner, a streetlight, but not a sound
By too much thinking, or lack of rest
I am at a loss of my ubiety
My sense of being
A swoon sweeps my body
Legs begin to give out
I press myself to the streetlight
Leaning to it as a makeshift crutch
I let a heavy breath from my lungs
Watching the mists' evanescence
Hoping to center my reeling mind
From where did I come?
Why am I here?
Where am I going?
Thought is too much
I become nauseous
Arm clutched tight to my stomach
I feel a pulse
A heartbeat
Pounding against my chest
What came over me?
An aching comes to my head
I slump to the cold sidewalk
Huddled at the base of the light
A numbness fills my mind
The florescent glow dims
Then I hear a voice whisper
Was it the night wind?
Or my own thoughts?
It spoke as a recollection of memory
With and without words at once
A small white house
A dark little room
I am a child
Scared, hiding
A door opens
I hold tight to a silver pocket-watch
He's coming
I put the watch to my ear
I don't want to hear
I shut my eyes
I don't want to see

“Wake up.”
Came the whisper
I open my eyes
Back under the streetlight
The familiar desolate street
The quiet hum of the electric glow above
I am alone again...
There's someone there now
Under a streetlight before me
Yet so darkly shadowed
He sits, he waits, silent
Watching me
Veiled in black
A sheet of umbrage cast over
Hands and face drained and pale
Eyes empty, deep, without light
Unspoken introverted rage
Festering self-loathing, suicidal intent
In the mirror of eyes
Eyes of one who knows me...
He was me
My heart straining to turn from this phantom
Flesh of newly fallen snow, unbroken
What lies within is known, to me alone
Scarred deep
Hidden pain
His presence speaks without words
Sounds the phantom clock
Mechanical and hollow
Purpose not being the reason of simple functionality
The advent of forgotten memory
Emotions painted black by perversions of reality
Drawing ever near
Louder with promise
Of coming Calamity
Struggling to my feet, I'm held fast again
A witness in silent horror
To see the Other do the same
As if gazing in a mirror
Every awkward movement in sync
With sign of my previous “fatigue”
This demonic mime
Was surely me
A chill greater than the cold runs through me
Beholding the face of pure apathy
The trance broken
He approaches with a cat's silence
And unknowing intent
I broke into a sprint
Leaving the light of the sidewalks
For the darkness of the alleyways
A darkness that held as tightly as winter frost
Feet pounding hard against cracked pavement
Upon unseen filth of the back streets
Shadow cast upon broken brick and gutters
There is none other than my own to follow
Laying my head to rest on a graffiti wall
Tribal arch's like claws entwined
Help to distract this frantic mind
A drop of water from a roof overhead
A sympathetic tear upon my brow
Awakening another memory sealed away
The dark room's nightmare relived
A child's cry and pleading unheard
Bleeding a shadow of hatred unforgiving
The animus, the incubus is born
No longer afraid, from the past I wake
Remnant discarded in silent wait
Silver watch and chain revealed in hand
The past wants acceptance
The present to heal
It's for my sake that he's here
I'll no longer run
My face taken in his hands
And he pulls me in
The darkness, moon, and star filled sky
Become nothing

When I woke to see the blue of dawn
A familiar pain was in my heart
But something new began to form
With the first breath of silver morning mist
A will to live and overcome, something called Hope
Sleep now dark twin, we are one