A little odd at first, and written through the perspective as one who isn't human but longs to be. In a way, I can still see it relative to people in general. Sometimes we're all so busy, tied up in routines and whatnot, we almost seem to be pre-programmed robots or something. Also, relating to abuse, I see it as times when I have felt less than or different and isolated from others, emotionally and sometimes physically. The list of all the things they would do if they had their chance I relate to in how in dealing with abuse and it messing up a good deal of our lives, we sometimes miss out on things most people consider "normal" experiences and activities. Sometimes even give up on knowing those things. Because, at least for myself, I spent a good deal of time alone, living in daydreams and fantasies of what I could and would do if my life were different. That if I didn't have to live with what someone had done to me that I could probably fit in and be more "human" like others, not something someone had their way with and that was that. I really used to think that the reason I didn't get help from anyone, nor talked to about, it was that I didn't deserve it because in some way, I was lesser than others. Sometimes it was only reaffirmed when I heard of someone abused who was given help and care by friends and family, I became unbearably hateful and jealous.

Album / Collection: be Human
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