i do try to avoid these happy sex missives.

but i can't deny it hurts to read stories/ columns such as the one on cnn.com today urging everyone to enjoy sex "it" tonight!

first, i gives some grand impression that we are all able to partner - so rub salt in that wound why don'tcha.

second, i hate to think those in relationships who buy into such a story do in fact "look younger," "get happier," "burn calories while having fun," "reduce stress," .... and "live longer" because, blush, they are loved.

well, i'm not loved.

so, do i understand that i will --- look older, get unhappier and fatter, increase stress, and die young because i don't have a sex life?

i know you all get my depressing point.....however if i posted that same thing on cnn.com, i doubt other readers would.