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#34813 - 11/17/03 12:34 PM dada
pedalboy Offline
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Registered: 10/10/03
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Loc: kamloops, BC, Canada
I stand in the corner. Why can't I be like them? Is life as simple as they make it or as complicated as I feel? What is illusion and what is real? I can beg for hours in the april showers and I can stand for days in the smoggy haze. It won't make a difference or will it? Am I blade of grass to be trampled? or am I an appetizer to be sampled? The cycle continues as I sit and stare at similar faces in similar places. Am I a whisper in the breeze am I the catch of a sneeze? I walk and I talk silently and we all do. The lies amongst a million ideas and who is it we attempt to please? Ourselves or others or a combination of the two? I'll walk some more to find a door, but where am I going? The revolving doesn't stop i can't get out I'm walking and talking in circles. Is this what life is? Is this what we were meant to do? There is no answer? when you can't sleep.

#34814 - 11/17/03 01:40 PM Re: dada
Mike Church Offline
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Fellow Canadian:

What is life about.

Well someone once told me that it is really quite simple to go through life:

1. Be polite and have good manners
2. Respect those that deserve it
3. Be the BEST that YOU CAN BE

Simple to say but difficult to do. I think politeness should be the rule of thumb. Unfortunately it is a rare commodity in this day and age. But I have met polite people who know who they are. Funny thing about them. They are sucessful and happy and are surrounded by happy caring people. I strive the best I can but it is a struggle because of my history.

Respect those that deserve it. I think that too often we respect people for what they do. We will never know what drives them to do it. I think I try to respect people for who they are more than what they do. There are exceptions to this (Mother Theresa) but by and large it is rare. Young people respect athletes to the point of hero worship (different I think) and then they turn out to be a lot less than anticipated. That I think is the key. Expectations. Once again I respect people who are polite and stay the course even when it gets really tough. They have the courage of their convictions

That leads me to the last. Do the best you can. Well I think that is something we should all strive for. Not what other people expect or anticipate from us but our own inner person. If we try to live up to others expectations of us we set ourselves up to fail in a lot of cases. But to do it for ourselves is a good goal and one we should strive for all our lives. That goes for the reasons that have brought us all here together. We will overcome the evil that tainted our lives in our own way and to the best of our abilities. It will not be done for others but for ourselves. And we will seek assistance from anywhere we can get it to help ourselves. MS ORG is such a place (group really). We do not gather together in misery but out of a genuine desire to heal and assist others with their own healing. We are also a brotherhood banded together by a common cause and for a common goal. We belong. We make friendships. We are polite. We respect those that deserve it. TO NAME JUST A FEW. OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND ALL THE EXECUTIVE. THE LADY WHO WORKS IN OUR OFFICE IN WASHINGTON. THE KEEPERS OF THE WEBSITE. They do it in an unselfish manner and at great cost to their lives. Why because they want to and are doing the best they can. AND THEY RESPECT WE WHO COME HERE LOOKING FOR COMFORT, BONDING, HEALING AND THE DESIRE TO HELP OTHERS.

Just because you see the word moderator after my name does not mean I am any different from all of you. The evil stink still clings to me but is slowly dissapating. I try to be polite. I am no longer alone. I have made some really great friendships here. I have a great deal of respect for MS and it's members. And I am doing the best I can. That is all




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