i grew-up with 4 other brothers, and a very abusive dad.. Dad was always drunk.. beat us up and stuff.. But mom couldn't help us.. he'd beat her up to if she tried.. But she was always there for me.. when my dad was gone or asleep..
But one time he put me in the hospital.. he had broke my leg.. and fractured my skull, because he thought i eat hes herseys bar.. and he was shaking me and yelling in my face.. till he finally just threw me down the stairs.. i was there for months i believe..But after i was better.. my packed are bags and me and her moved away from them.. I almost felt really bad.. why did my mom just take me.. what about my brothers.. I was always the silent kid.. who never talked.. i wouldn't speak to save my life..
and when my mom past away when i was 13.. i was shipped back to my dads.. and thats when my brothers started abusing me to... and my dad started molesting me.. it started out him just watching me shower.. until he finally started touching me.. than raping me...
thn my brothers started to..all of them even my dad would take turns on me.. and since i was the silent kid.. i never talked..
I never told anyone what was happening at home.
I never told until i was 18..the day before i graduated actually.. to my best friend..
and i told him not to tell..
but he told hes parents.. and they told my dad.. because they didnt believe men would rape a guy..
and my dad took me to the park and tried to hang me.. but he was caught by and police ranger.. and only my dad went to jail..
i missed my graduation..
All my brothers are still around.. I cant be around them.. and when i was engaged.. at 22.. they all came by one day when my fiance wasnt there.. and raped me in my own bed..
im still really silent.. still the same silent kid i've always been.. but im getting better.
25 now.. married with an kid on the way.. but i still live everyday with the memories..

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.