Billy Childish is the author of this song. He was sexually abused when he was 9 years old by a family friend. He wrote a book called "My Fault" that is semi-autobiographical and very good. He has written over 50 poetry books and released over 100 LPs. He wrote a song called "Every Bit Of Me" that is about being molested. It's extremely powerful and when I first heard it, it floored me. It was so powerful. You can hear a snippet of it here with a great line from the song. It's track #17

"He was 40 years old inside my jeans/I was 9 years old and feeling unclean. IHe told me it was a secret to keep to myself I wanted to hate him, but I hated myself"

You can hear the whole song here. It's 5 songs by Thee Headcoats. "Every Bit Of Me is song #4