soooo triggers fuckin suck right? yup. i got some wierd ones. think everyone probably does but one big thing i have a HUGE problem with is phone. cell phone. my folks arent rich at all they do ok but i guess theyre kinda cheap in a way like never buy anything they dont need, save alotta money, and like if they dont have the cash they dont buy it. not a bad thing but cuz there like that when i was going out for the 3 weeks i asked my ma to get me a cellphone. just a cheap one you know so i could have it on me in case of emergency lol. ya that makes me fuckin laugh now. anyways she went out and got me the coolest fucking phone ever with all the options. it was a huge deal. she even got the black cover for it w skulls n crossbones on it. really really a HUGE deal to me. BUT, what the fuck, on like day two out there, my uncle came down to the gameroom all fuckin pissed off holding my new phone up. um frown fuck. i was on the floor. dont even remember much of what he said but i DO remember him teasing me sayin You wanna call youre momma? like sayin it in a baby voice and im like well yes i do can i please call her? like im SO FUCKIN STUPID i really thought hed let me. he dropped the phone like right next to my head and he crushed it with the heel of his boot. like stomped on it and crushed it into a million fuckin pieces like two inches from my face. he goes YOU try and pull anything here and that will be your head next time. and he kicks me till im out. biggest thing i have about this is that that fuckin phone was like my ONLY hope. to me it seemed like when he destroyed it he crushed any chance i had of getting out of there alive. and most absolute worst part of everything is when later on back home my ma asked me what happened to the phone. i lied to her frown told her i lost it. she was sooooo upset about that and SOooooooo disapointed in me. havent had a phone since. im like the last guy in the world without one i think but i dont care. glad to put this out here better here and not just livin in my fucked up head.