3 years ago, when I first admitted to anyone else but the perpetrator that I had been sexually abused, I purchased a copy of Mike Lew's book, Victims No Longer. I read just over half the book, but then put it down. I think I just didn't identify with it.

I picked the book back up this week. I finished the book yesterday. The content made me very uncomfotable at times. I think I didn't finish the book the first time because I didn't want to or wasn't ready to identify with the content. This time the reading was done most times with my wife nearby. I would stop and share with her. I would read her passages as I cried. She listened to me thoughtfully with compassion and understanding. She questioned me but seemed to have an intuition how much to ask or not ask. This was all from a partner of 25 years who I have hurt deeply at times. She is one class act. I am lucky.

On this day after Thanksgiving, I must say for this I am thankful.

Trying to be the person my dog thinks I am.