I tried to post this but the thread was "removed":

I believe that I was the female in chat last night when USMC97 was there. Perhaps before divulging any info that you don't want a female to hear, you could ask if there are any females in the chatroom? As Lavinia said, the rule is that if a female is asked to leave, she is supposed to leave. I was never asked to leave, nor do I recall anyone asking if a female was present. Honestly, I wasn't even paying attention to the whole conversation because I was chatting privately with another guy. I am sorry you were offended, USMC, but I cannot "guess" stuff either...whether you are okay with my presence or not. I completely understand the trigger issues, but the women here are here to help, and we are all happy to leave if asked to do so. I was not pretending to be a male, nor did I refuse to leave (I was never asked). Next time, if any guys are uncomfortable, please just send the lady a private message politely asking her to leave.