There are people in my life or work, that can be very frustrating to deal with.
Here's how it works.
Task A benefits Person X. If I don't do task A, X will have a problem.
If task A is done, they are happy. But if A is known by X to have been done partly to benefit anyone but X, of if X knows of any benefit of A other than to X, X considers it a sign of disrespect. The benefits and motivations towards other people can exist, but don't dare tell X about it.
To give an example.
I need to clean a room for my wife to be safe. Its okay if the clean room makes it easier for me, kid, and dogs, but if my wife knows that is the case its 'disrespectful.' Similarly any motivation I have to clean, that is not solely because of her, if she becomes aware of that motivation, not only is 'mean' but also partially negates the benefit to her, of the clean room. My bosses, and some wannabe's at work, also have this type of attitude. Instead of Win/Win, these people need 'Win/*unknown or unspoken effect or reason*' Does this make sense to anyone else. If I do something helping that person for any reason beyond only that person, or if what I do to help that person benefits anyone else but that person, they have to remain ignorant of it, else they not only take offense, but also have less appreciation for the benefit to themselves.