When the man loves and indeed is loved
The Ice Queen doth Rage
Within her icy fašade
In the walls of the tower of solitude.

She rages with anger and bitterness
Sending icy whispers on the wind
No one dares to cross her path
And she lashes the man with fear.

He pales into insignificance
As she turns the man to ice
Locking him an icy prison
He becomes heartless on the outside.

Her fortifications are strong
The man is weak
And although he becomes mute
He screams loudly from within.

No one hears his screams
For they all think he is cold
While the Ice Queen revels
In the joy that she beholds.

The man yearns for love and kindness
To reciprocate and unfold
To hug and be hugged
To share that precious gift that's gold.

The love and understanding
We all wish to know
The Ice Queens Rages
Because she will never let him show.

Blaidd (pronounced as blaith/blithe) is a welsh word meaning wolf.