So I've been consciously dealing with the effects of my abuse since 2001, when I first began experiencing flashbacks. I have been involved in support groups, one on one therapy and group therapy for over 9 years now. All in the hopes of one day reporting to the police. On July 29 2010 I was interviewed by 2 detectives with the Toronto Police. Charges were filed on September 7th 2010, the day he was arrested. They have made a public plea for more victims to come forward. I was informed that they did receive one phone call about the former doctor since they made it public from a male claiming he was also a victim, however he does not want to come forward with charges at this time. I hope and pray everyday that other victims find the strength to come forward as well. It took me 9 years to get the courage and strength to report this. I am surrounded by love and support. I feel strong enough to go through this process and for that I am grateful. It's also a great comfort to know that it is now in someone else's capable hands. I will stand for nothing less then justice.
here's the link to the press release about his arrest:


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