My dear brothers, my family,

As a volunteer in abuse support, I find that in order to receive instructions and encouragement, one needs to be listened to first.

However, how can we speak about our struggles when we are new to an area, or when we feel we are not doing our best? How do we alleviate the heaviness in our step, the ache in our back and general lethargy because we are overwhelmed? How, indeed, do we find relief?

We find it in the way Almighty God, whose name is Jehovah, views us. When we see how much He understands our groaning, and listens to us as we cry out in our confusion.

Let us concentrate on creation, and the intricate, intuitive way He made all things, and supports them in their own environment. Jehovah made us, as humans, He provided us with a support system, an environment, that we can draw support from daily. Our reading the Bible, His, "letters", to man and to us, you and I, personally. Associating with His people, and those who desire to worship Him.

Finally, we are convinced of our hope in the future. He promises no more tears or suffering. He has never failed on a promise. We may feel He is slow to respond, but He has a purpose, and so we must be patient, for all to come to Him.

Jehovah deeply desires all of us to be taught by Him, and He understands that in order to be taught, the pain and self doubt need to be addressed. The mechanism of prayer, that we are listened to, not only by Jesus, a prefect and philanthropic man, our King and High Priest, but most importantly, he speaks to Jehovah for us.

Dear family, our loving brothers here in MS, and in worshiping Almighty God, who take the lead, desire you to come to them. They are not overly burdened with local needs, but are open and receptive to, again, listening to you, and your concerns. If one of the friends simply want to speak about issues at home, at work, perceived deficiencies in worship, they come to the these brothers for relief, for refreshment, and Jehovah's spirit works with His organization, his servant, and with you, a combination that is a sure winner.

Please, speak to the brothers, let them "put their hands upon you", in a healing and supportive way.

I have seen, in my volunteering, over and over, when we speak out our concerns, our shortcomings, our inconsistencies, we.., heal.

May you have undeserved kindness, and peace of God.


MaleSurvivor Moderator Emeritus 2012 - 2014