i am like most but have not had some of the things done to me but then again it's not right for anyone to take advantage of a child bastards. I will break this up a bit bare with me. My father from early on was very verble and no matter what was never good enough. I was always trying to please and got you dumb,stupid,worthless and after was out of high school was so fucked up and going to vocational school but the s.o.b said was taking the easy way out didn't want to work. I was good looking guy 5'7" 140lbs but after the abuse and the insults even in front of my friends. I got very suicide didn't give a fuck and my grades went down gained 50lbs. The thing that got me the most is when dad called me a fat lasy slob. Then the achol get drunk and numb out the fucking pain. My step mom oh yea my birth mo died when I was 8 her second husband shot her. Well anyway my step mom crashes the family car right in front of us. Dad being the man he is pulls her out of the car screaming look what you did you dumb bitch. He then throws her to the ground I just fucking stand there frose. Mom starts shaking and going into shock she had a concushion.Then there is the physical abuse by a boy wo was 14 and I was maybe 9 and small for my age. We are living in his house dads bosses house and there is no peace. I was punished as this kid would say he would beat the shit out of me to the point when I saw my step mom she thought my dad did this.I was also stripped of my cloths pinned and thrown on top of a bed of red ants and have biting me every where. Oh yea tried to tell his parents and got beat up lost part of my tooth and thought was going to die. I would pray please god take me in my sleep and cry myself to sleep. After short time moved in with dads friend who had took care of me and after parents went out he came into my room took my pjs off and told me to trust him so just froze as he maturbated me and then put my dick in his mouth. We end up moving in with him and he gets me alone at one of his gay friends and they want to share me oh hell no ran out of the room so fast.I wake up in the middle of the night and he puts his hand over my mouth. He has my shorts pulled down and is masturbating me and also puts my dick in his mouth and my body even though it's wrong it feels good and this goes on two three times a week. Then my dad is in the hostpital then sleep in bed with will call him E and made me climb into bed naked. I am 11 and still small frame but am liking what he is doing when he is doing oral on me. I was also made to do him as well hated it and he never came in my mouth. Then one day after doing oral on him he goes into the bathroom and masturbates and cum's in the sink. what is that I ask you will be able to do this to one day and you are a man. One afternoon he has me naked and has me erect and is sucking my dick and all the sudden feel weird. E stops and says you were about to cum do you want to he ask I swallow hard and he continues and I feel like I am going to pee and try to stop but E keeps going and first orgasm. He smiles says your a man and the thing is I would go with this guy any where run away with him. E tell's me he loves me and praises me and tells me how special I am. But one day he asked my friend to sleep over with us. I tried like hell to get him not to stay but E talks with his mom oh and he works with her. E buys the wine and beer and lets us smoke oh yea picked up that habit. My friend thinks this is cool and enjoys the cigs and boose. I am trying not to think about whats going to happen next. Bed time we all three sleep together E is in the middle and tries to take my friends shorts of and fondling him. He tells E he is going to tell his mom. E turns to me pulls my shorts off and plays with me untill I cum then he throws me on my stomach and pins me down and gags me and starts incerting his fingers in my ass and say can't wait to put my dick inside you. I am crying and so much pain feel like ripped a part and cry myself to sleep. There is moore but can't do it.