I can understand the showers thing, it's stil an issue for me as well, in fact whenever I go away anywhere on holliday I stil hve to take a dressing gown with me and make certain the door of whatever bathroom I'm using locks.

I will admit though being on stage has helped with that quite a lot, sinse in a crowded changing room with others, there is neither time nor energy to really worry about things, sinse it's more of a concern to just get into a costume and out on stage than to worry about what may or may not happen.

This summer was the first time in a long while I got changed in front of other people during one production I was in. While I wouldn't necessarily want to do it frequently, it does prove it's possible when i need to.

I hope the home schooling is going well, however I do also hope your son gets to have other friends his own age and learn how to get on with people.

This is something I missed completely at the time, in fact I never got an adolescence really and it has made quite a few things, ---- not the least being anything to do with relationships, really quite difficult sinse I missed all the stuff that people are supposed to learn at that age, and society doesn't give men a break in this regard.