how to hide a crime much bigger than abuse of a single child

To protect themselves they destroyed reality
Confusion, just this once hell never remember, over and over
Until a mind is frozen. Knowing it was better than it seemed
Unable to find anything honest or rational to grasp and hold onto
Lost pain oh the unending pain. Laughing and smiling it hurts just as much

everyone is connected to someone
they get succor and relief
help understanding kindness
I get bartered grudging contact at a price much higher than anyone else
Never real contact
For some reason my ignorance causes fear and hatred in others
My demand for acceptance as an equal human being
Is treated as grounds to hate me.

This was the plan that developed when I would not forget
Deny him development, allow him to get minimal function
Confuse his language development so he wont sound like hes making sense
Do not allow him to learn how to develop human relationships
No one will listen even those who do cannot hear
Break everything, destroy everything he creates
Deny the truth if it comes from him

Break his body to keep his confidence in check
The freakish strength must be moderated
Make him feel inadequate
starve him to prevent further growth of his strength

stop talking when he comes close
do not allow him to be a part
Somehow this has followed me all my life
Perfect strangers fall into it quickly
Something about how I developed, was conditioned actually I never developed,
triggers this response in strangers

What did they do to me just to hide their crime?
Why can't I put it into words that make sense?
Unending pain and isolation.

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As Mark Twain once quipped, history may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.