i met matthew, looking2heal, yesterday... what a dork!!!

*laughs*... I'M KIDDING!!!

matt's a good guy... he stopped by where i work when he got into kansas. showed him around the place i work.

took off from there to my house to dump his stuff for a moment. we then headed on over to lambert's to eat... he took some pics and i believe posted them on his fb page.

invited billy for a second time to join me at lambert's and got shot down again... LOL...

anyway, came on back to the house and talked until late..

had a good time talking about our issues and learning more... i'm telling ya, meeting other ms'ers here face to face has been great therapy for me...

matt left this morning to continue his cross country journey.

i think he's heading to the grand canyon and to meet up with lee, builders here on ms... have a safe trip matt... glad you came out for a short visit..


live another day. climb a little higher.

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