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#33746 - 10/18/06 10:11 PM You know what really fucks up my thinking!
reality2k4 Offline

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OK, I was a kid yeah, in the 60s it was just swept under the carpet if a kid got abused.
Nothing was done to help the kid involved, but hey, not much has changed to this day.

I was on the radar of a perp after abuse, and he tried to drag me back to this house.
I found out where the house was, but refused this perps offer to follow him there.

When I got to the house, boys and men were frequenting the building, and I thought!
How could boys be doing this, and neighbours not saying anything strange was happening there.

The main thing I am trying to say here, is that kids know who the perps are, but fail to tell, and there can be many ways of stopping kids telling, the main one being blame of the kid for it happening.

I am just asking one thing. After abuse, were you targetted by other perps, but the big point is, did you know who the perps really were and where they lived?

Why? Was it tolerated then!
Why? Does it still go on today, when neighbors must know something is wrong in the house they see men and boys emerging from.

Let me know your views,


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#33748 - 10/19/06 10:52 PM Re: You know what really fucks up my thinking!
roadrunner Offline
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I can't say I was aware of other abusers. But if there had been others I would have been the easiest target in the world. Once or twice I thought an adult was hitting on me, and as it happens in all cases I was wrong. But my reaction to the danger was to figure what the hell, it's not like he wants something I don't know how to do. I was resigned to it and thought I didn't deserve better.

Much love,

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#33749 - 10/20/06 08:40 AM Re: You know what really fucks up my thinking!
Thad Offline
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As I posted yesterday, I have removed the King thread. I also wrote the following in response to concerns of a user:

We did not say you guys could not talk about King. What I asked was that you not use the MS site for staging attacks on him. This does not prevent you from having access to all who come here and might be interested in what is going on, and you can post a site where you can do whatever you want off-site. You don't need MS for that and asking you to do it off-site does not in anyway inhibit your efforts.

What it does do, however, is honor our policies of not allowing heavy involvement with off-site activity.

The mods and administrators spent some time trying to determine where and when to draw this line, espcially since we do support your efforts. We are trying to balance it wtih our concern for protecting the site, newbies, and others needing a safe place to begin their recovery. In the end, we had to do our best to make our choices since as administrators/moderators we are asked to do that. Right or wrong, let's agree to disagree
I need to remind you that it is a violation of the site guidelines to discuss moderator actions in public forums. You may contact me or any moderator if you have concerns.

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