I am essentially alone where I live. Very few people are even civil to me. Especially in my medical care.
Well the procedure i had today was good and I was treated like a normal person for the only time that I can remember since living here.

This post was triggered by how I was just treated and have been treated for years at one of the grocery stores I most frequent. Its an access and most number of products I buy thing that makes me go there. And well it isn't always that things are bad. I could easily get everything at more distant places.

The problem is how the checkers bag. They pile stuff preferably softest on bottom in the bags and don't shwo any concern or care as well as some of them actually deliberately jam their fingers into the food or open something with liquid partially so it leaks.
Today this jackass loads my bags like he's high and I'm at the end of the counter repacking everything and he ignores me then checks the next person who's stuf he bags perfectly just to let me know if I didn't realize that he did that on purpose. Here I am with braces on my elbow and wrist struggling with heavy objects causing me a lot of pain. When I went to the manger she give me this line about "well if you have preferences just say so" And I said "NO!" "it isn't about preferences it is about your checkers knowing their profession of bagging groceries!" She seemed baffled. this is the same cow who told me "i don't know what I can do" when I called to tell her the checker had opened the jar of pickles I bought. First she tried to convince me that it was open when I bought it! As if I didn't check or wouldn't have noticed it dripping all over.

Do any of you find yourselves deliberately being made a pariah in your communities? Just getting the bare minimum of service with a nasty attitude.

As Mark Twain once quipped, history may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.